Erosion Control Specs

Hydraulic straw mulch shall be produced from a natural wheat straw fiber (Minimum 90%). There may be no more that 15% of any other the following additives incorporated into the mix such as natural tackifiers, anionic acrylamide polymers (PAM) and other natural fibers to increase straw entanglement for improve mulch matrix. Mulch shall be packaged in 50 lb. poly bag compressed bales. These materials shall be essentially free from plastic materials or other non- biodegradable substances. Fiber shall be in such a character that the fiber will disperse into uniform mulch slurry when mixed with water. The hydraulic straw mulch shall be applied at the same rate as prescribed by the standard three step system for dry applied blown conventional straw which is typically 4.5 tons per Ha (2 Tons/Acre). The hydraulic straw application rate does not include the tracer mulch used for applying seed nor the tackifiers. Ideally first application will apply seed, fertilizer, mulch and possibly other ingredients to the soil surface. The additional mulch applied to achieve the 4.5 tons per Ha (2 Tons/Acre). The straw fiber slurry shall have the ability to be applied to build a mulch matrix that contours itself to the soil surface to form an essentially smooth surface and create intimate contact with the soil. Ideally applying the hydraulic straw mulch from two directions would provide more complete coverage and reduce the potential of shadowing. Water content of fibers cannot exceed 14 percent of the dry mass fiber. The production lot numbers shall be printed on the bags and percentage moisture content of the fiber shall be clearly marked on the package. Straw fiber shall be processed through a series of progressive and interdependent steps and then thermo-mechanically defibrated to maximize straw fiber lengths. Tests per lot shall be available upon request. When wet the hydraulic straw mulch shall be colored green to contrast with the application area and shall not stain concrete and or other surfaces. Fiber and other mulch ingredients shall be free from growth or germination inhibiting ingredients.