Erosion Prevention Tips

Tips from the Pros

HydroStraw, LLC is a customer oriented erosion control products and erosion control experts tips, providing the latest in innovative erosion control technologies. Our goal is to produce quality erosion control products while providing superior service and customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to offer the best possible solution for your erosion control needs.

Blown Straw Talk

What are some of the problems with Blown Straw applications? tipsimage1A lot of the problems with straw when you blow straw, just like today you bring the straw blower out, and innovatively the wind comes up and a lot of the places that you blow straw it causes air quality problems. What’s the beauty of HydroStraw is because we put it down hydraulically there is no dust associated with it, so another win, win. – John Mcullah, CPESC

Slope & Rates Talk

Myth: Hydraulic mulching application rates change as slope gradient increases. tipsimage2Steepness is probably not the only factor that needs to be considered in the erosion potential of slopes; slope length is generally considered to play a related and complementary role. For example, in all derivations of the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) length and steepness of slope are considered as a joint LS factor for predicting soil erosion: A = R x K x LS x C x P. There appears to be no research to support the conclusion that additional mulch (and costs) is needed to maintain erosion control performance of hydraulic applications on steeper slopes. Read More – Mike Harding, Environmental Engineer

Soil Roughness Talk

What is the effect of surface roughness on soil erosion? tipsimage3Soil roughening should be considered as a vital step in soil preparation for re-vegetation and erosion control. Roughening is at best a temporary practice when used as a preliminary, complementary step prior to seeding and the application of hydraulic applications such as HydroStraw, blown straw mulch, or the application of wood chips, compost or rolled erosion control products. Read More – Mike Harding, Environmental Engineer

Labeled Rates Talk

Why should I follow the manufactures labeled rates and or instructions? tipsimage4All to often contractors reduce or modify the manufactures recommended application rates and or application methods. Extensive testing is done at the published rates and application methods to ensure successful erosion prevention. When in doubt contact your local distributor or the manufacturer to discuss a rate specifically for your project. Compromising on rates will save pennies on the overall project but could result in costly redo work as well as reputation damage from failed or non performing applications. – Ed Lee, Hydroseeding Expert

Cleaning Hydroseeders Talk

Why should I clean out my Hydromulcher in between applications? tipsimage5Owning and operating a hydromulcher you have to keep it clean all the time, especially in between applications, if you let it sit for a couple of days fibers can dry up inside the machine… …just make sure you are keeping your hydromulchers clean as you don’t want your hoses to get plugged up as it can be a real bare. – John Mcullah, CPESC