Application Rates

Rate Recommendations

  • 60 lbs per 100 Gallons for hose work
  • 75 lbs per 100 gallons for tower work
Your mulch to water ratio can be subjective depending on your personal shooting preference. We recommend using 50% more HydroStraw® Mulch in your tank to achieve the same mixture wetness as compared to paper and wood mulches. With any mulch a wetter mixture will have a tendency to bury the mulch into the soil causing the mulch to appear as if it is providing less coverage. By adding 50% more mulch to your hydro seeder it will allow you to shoot 50% more area per load. An area that would require THREE loads with paper or wood mulch now can be shot in TWO loads. Since with HydroStraw® Mulch you are covering 50% more area per load you will need to increase the seed and fertilizer per load to achieve the same rate per 1,000 square feet. General hydro seeding application rate of 2000lbs per acre is recommended. Please refer to the erosion control specification link for erosion control rates and methods.

Clean Out Daily

Daily mulch clean out is always a good practice and this is especially true with the HydroStraw® Mulch. The Carbon to Nitrogen (C:N) ratio for HydroStraw® Mulch allows the mulch to biodegrade faster than paper and wood mulch. This trait is ideal for seed germination but may occur more rapidly in your machine too. Under the right set of conditions, the mulch left in hoses may swell and cause clogging problems.
Application Rates
Application Rates

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