HydroStraw Straw Lock

  • Lock Down Your Blown Straw
  • Contains 100% Natural Fibers
  • No Additional Binders Needed
  • Specifically Formulated to Bind Blown Straw
  • No Additional Infield Mixing Required
  • Easy to Apply Over Blown Straw


HydroStraw® Straw Lock: Our objective is to produce long pliable straw fibers that have been through our Heat & Mechanically Treated Process HMT™ that allows them to interact with the Cellulose Fiber, organic fibers and glues to lock the blown application of fibers together. The Cellulose Fiber component is added to enhance the locking down of the straw fibers, keeping them in place.

HydroStraw® Straw Lock: The goal is to cover and coat the conventionally blown straw together to reduce its ability to be removed by the wind. The blown straw is in contact with the soil. The HydroStraw Straw Lock is to be applied in a high viscosity slurry to keep the slurry in contact with the blown straw.

Please Note:

HydroStraw® Straw Lock is specifically designed and formulated as a secondary Lock Down application over blown straw. Its enhanced formulation is not designed to be used as a conventional hydraulic mulch matrix.