HydroStraw FiberRX

  • Proprietary blend of guar gum Based tackifiers
  • Increases performance of hydraulically applied mulches
  • Glues fibers together to resist movement from rain & wind
  • Increases viscosity for easier & uniform application
  • More than 3 times more effective controlling erosion
    than industry alternatives


FiberRX™ is a fine granulation guar gum specifically designed for the erosion control industry. This product meets or exceeds requirements for nonasphaltic tacking emulsions. FiberRX™ increases flow and pumping volumes allowing equipment to run more efficiently and help reduce the need for reseeding while minimizing soil erosion.

FiberRX™ Tackifier is generally characterized as a 200-mesh powder, which typically yields a coldwater viscosity of 4100-4600 cps after hydrating for 2 hours. FiberRX™ shall be of such character that it will disperse into a uniform slurry when mixed with water. FiberRX™ shall be free from growth or germination inhibiting ingredients. FiberRX™ shall be applied as a slurry solution by means of hydroseeder.