• Improve Organic Matter
  • Reduce Compaction and Soil Salinity
  • Faster Vegetation Starts and Stronger Stands
  • Improve Nutrient Uptake
  • Increase Water Infiltration
  • Repair Depleted Soils
  • Increase Soil Biology
  • Highly Concentrated Formula
  • Homogenous Prill Technology
  • Apply via Hydroseeder or Broadcast Method
  • Use with New Plantings or All Type of Seedings
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Product Specs


16 oz / Acre, 1.12 kg / Hectare. Add DirtRX to tank while mixing prior to application, slowly add the predetermined amount of DirtRX during continual agitation, allow suitable amount of time for granules to disperse. Proceed with Hydro Mulch Application


Dry Application

16 oz / Acre, 1.12 kg / Hectare. DirtRX can be broadcast spread or mixed with seed and or other soil amendments and applied. Ensure that product is evenly distributed throughout mixture prior to application for optimal results. Granular application is effective way to cover large areas efficiently.



Infield added product for plug plants or utilized with potting plants. Measure and apply 3 Milligrams per 1 sq.ft. (930 sq. cm) (3 – 5 Prills per Plant) Slowly sprinkle predetermined amount in the planting hole or on top of the potted plant at the time of installation.


Packaging Options

• 24 oz Tilt & Pour Container
• 10 – 24 oz Units Per Case

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Product Benefits

DirtRX is our specially formulated soil amendment and seed inoculant made with specific beneficial soil microbes and humic acids. This natural soil and seed inoculant promotes healthy emergence and greater seedling vigor in a wide variety of plants including natives, grasses, flowers, vegetables, grains, and more.

DirtRX contains a multiple species blend of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and other beneficial plant growth promoting microorganisms (PGPs). This specially formulated soil inoculant enhances and restores beneficial soil microbe populations to augment the natural organic processes that occur in healthy soils.

The beneficial soil-based microorganisms in DirtRX break down and release vital nutrients (such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron, and more) stored in soil particles, making the nutrients more readily available to the plants in forms they can absorb. Plant growth promoting microorganisms produce organic acids and amino acids, which dissolve and make available (chelate) mineral nutrients.

DirtRX assists and speeds nature in decomposition and recycling of organic matter into an important substance known as humus, building richer, healthier soil. DirtRX builds the soil through biological activity and not by physical chemical manipulation. A natural solution to your low organic, poor soil sites.

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