HE Plus

  • Fiber with Tackifier
  • Reduces guar gum break down by heavy rain fall events
  • Guar Gum pre-mix eliminates the “fish-eyes” that can form within field mixing making the tackifier more effective
  • Protection for difficult sites & conditions
  • Erosion Control Prevention Product
  • Contains 4% Guar (80lbs per 2000/lbs of Mulch)
  • Load More Spray More – Use Less Water

HydroStraw’s manufacturing process utilizes pressure and heat to break down the straw into a more fibrous material with greater surface area. This results in greater soil coverage, higher water retention and increased productivity, which lowers project costs. HydroStraw HE Plus is designed to provide extra protection on difficult sites where slopes, soil conditions or weather call for extra erosion control ability. It also includes a high-strength polymer binder to ensure smooth hydro seeder operation.


HydroStraw® HE Plus is a hydraulically applied mulch with a specially formulated composition of annually renewable wheat straw fibers, natural fibers for fiber matrix entanglement, and a non-toxic soil stabilizer.


Product Specs
Heat & Mechanically Treated (HMT)™ Wheat Straw 66%
Refined Pulp Fibers 30%
Wetting Agents- including high-viscosity colloidal polysaccharides 4%


Hose Work 60 lbs per 100 gallons 27 kg per 379 Liters
Tower Work 75 lbs per 100 gallons 34 kg per 379 Liters


≤ 4:1 2,000 lbs/ac 2,250 kg/ha
≤ 3:1 2,000-3,000 lbs/ac 2,250-3,350 kg/ha
≤ 2:1 3,000-4,000 lbs/ac 3,350-4,500 kg/ha
Soil Moisture Retention 2,000 – 3,500 lbs/ac 2,250 – 4,000 kg/ha


Product Downloads
Product Benefits

This pre-blended product eliminates the extra step and mess of field mixing, Guar Gum pre-mix eliminates the “fish-eyes” that can form with in field mixing making the tackifier more effective. HydroStraw HE Plus includes an additive to reduce guar gum break down by rain fall events. Guar gum tackifier enhances the chemical bond within the mulch matrix for better erosion control, disperses quickly in water, which allows for better blending with seed and fertilizer. Ideal protection for critical slopes and sites where weather calls for an extra measure of protection.


Guar gum in field tests has shown that they will increase mulch fiber holding performance. The HydroStraw fibers combination increases the fiber entanglement and the tackifier bonds the fibers together and to the soil for improved holding power. HydroStraw HE Plus consists of processed straw fibers, a natural guar gum tackifier and a non-toxic green colorant to aid in application. Field tests have shown HydroStraw mulch protects soil and enhances seed germination and establishment as the fibers biodegrades.


Non-toxic and environmentally safe, maximum slope length of 30 feet, use approved for mechanically agitated equipment for optimum pumping and application performance.

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