Fiber RX

  • Proprietary Blend of Guar Gum Based Tackifiers
  • Increases Performance of Hydraulically Applied Mulches
  • Glues Fibers Together to Resist Movement from Rain & Wind
  • Increases Viscosity for Easier & Uniform Application
  • More than 3 Times More Effective Controlling Erosion Than Industry Alternatives

FiberRX™ is a fine granulation guar gum specifically designed for the erosion control industry. This product meets or exceeds requirements for nonasphaltic tacking emulsions. FiberRX™ increases flow and pumping volumes allowing equipment to run more efficiently and help reduce the need for reseeding while minimizing soil erosion.

Product Specs
Toxicity Non-Toxic
Applied Color Clear
Surface Tension Material will disperse and suspend when agitated in water
Absorbency When sprayed uniformly at the recommended rate, the tackifier will form an absorbent cover which will allow percolation of water
Solubility Water Soluble
Application Rate Varies on Application


Through 100 Mesh 99% Minimum
Through 200 Mesh 90% Minimum


15 Minutes 1800 – 2700
2 Hours 4100 – 4600


Bag Weight 50 lb (22.7 kg)
Pallet 40 Bags
Full Truck 22 Pallets, 880 Bags
Packaging Moisture Resistance Packaging


4:1 – 3:1 40 – 50 lbs / ac 45 – 56 kg / ha
>2:1 60 – 80 lbs / ac 67 – 90 kg / ha
Straw Binding 60 – 90 lbs / ac 67 – 101 kg / ha


Product Downloads
Product Benefits

FiberRX™ Tackifier is generally characterized as a 200mesh powder, which typically yields a coldwater viscosity of 4100-4600 cps after hydrating for 2 hours. FiberRX™ shall be of such character that it will disperse into a uniform slurry when mixed with water. FiberRX™ shall be free from growth or germination inhibiting ingredients. FiberRX™ shall
be applied as a slurry solution by means of hydroseeder.


• 10 – 25 lbs per 1000 gallons (4.5 – 11 kg per 3,785 Liters) of water for Hydroseeding/Hydromulching work


• 40 lbs per 1000 gallons (18 kg per 3,785 Liters) of water for Blown Straw Tackification.


It is imperative that FiberRX™ is applied at the specified rate in a uniform manner for optimal performance. Add FiberRX™ slowly into hydroseeder on low agitation after water has begun to cover the blades. Once FiberRX™ is thoroughly mixed, add mulch, seed and fertilizer if necessary. When using as a Blown Straw Tackifier it is recommended to add 150 to 300 lbs (68 – 136 kg) of mulch fiber per 1000 gallons (3,785 Liters) of water for use an aesthetic marker.

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