Profile® HE Blend

  • No need for field mixing
  • Requires 30% less water
  • Add up to 50% more mulch per tank load
  • Install more product in less time
  • Get faster vegetative growth
  • Complete a job using fewer tank loads and less water

Watch project costs and time estimates drop when you accelerate your productivity with High Efficiency (HE) Blend – an innovative erosion control solutions that offer the efficiency and vegetation establishment of straw, with the erosion protection of wood.

Ideal on a broad range of site conditions, you can put more Profile HE Blend on the ground in less time. Applications require fewer tank loads and less water thanks to the versatile straw base, an efficiency-boosting element that reduces the time and resources needed to get the job done.

Product Specs
Product Composition
Straw Fibers 67.5%
Thermally Refined® Virgin Wood Fibers 20.0%
Refined Pulp Fibers 10%
Wetting Agents—Including cross-linked high-viscosity colloidal polysaccharides 2.5%
Hose Work 60 lbs per 100 gallons 27 kg per 379 Liters
Tower Work 75 lbs per 100 gallons 34 kg per 379 Liters
≤ 4H to 1V 2,000 lbs/ac 2,240 kg/ha
> 4H to 1V and ≤ 3H to 1V and 2,500 lbs/ac 2,800 kg/ha
Product Downloads
Product Benefits

Profile’s Thermally Refined® Wood Fibers provide significantly more surface area, helping to quickly generate greater yield, interlock, loft and coverage.


Only Profile® utilizes a patented Thermally Refined manufacturing process that transforms 100% recycled wood chips into high-performing mulch. This creates long and highly absorbent fibers that accelerate the growth of vegetation while increasing your level of erosion prevention.


High Efficiency (HE) Blend reduces water usage and time estimates, leading to an overall reduction of project costs.


Boost your efficiency and overall project margins by eliminating the need for field mixing wood and straw. HE Blend is designed to establish vegetation while reducing your water costs, fuels costs and labor hours.

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