2015 Freight Increases Expected

2015 Freight Increases Expected

From 2011-2013, there was equilibrium in truck capacity and freight demand for a balance in the marketplace which kept rate increases in check. That fell apart in 2014, first with the frigid winter and multiple storms, and then stronger US economic growth that quickly filled trucks and trailers.

The US Economy has grown faster than 3.5% in 4 of the last 5 quarters, with an increasing GDP. Industry experts are warning us to brace ourselves …for aggressive rate increases in 2015 and beyond across all modes of transportation. As carriers upgrade their fleets and place orders for additional equipment, the biggest struggle will be to hire additional drivers, and it is going to take several years to meet burgeoning demand with capacity. So the recovery that took years to get here leaves many totally unprepared!

Please take this into account for your planning of 2015 season

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